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    By way of introduction, I am Joey Buckmaster and have lived at Capoli Ranch for 30 years with my husband, three sons, cats, dogs, and other assorted animals.  I have been designing and sewing my original and tweaked traditional quilts for over 40 years beginning with my senior thesis in college as an art major.  I continued quilting intermittently over the next 30 years while pursuing other paths of child rearing, business, and nursing.  When my children were grown I found my way back to full time quilting, realizing it was my passion and that I had come full circle.

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Granddaughter Alicia and Joey Buckmaster

    I hope you enjoy browsing my Quilt Portfolio pages.  My inspirations and techniques are born from nature and life events.  My love of fabric and color is always my primary focus.  I hope you will come back often to view new quilts!

Alicia and Puff the Magic Dragon

    My granddaughter Alicia was my inspiration for the "Puff" quilt.  She came to love Puff from the book I would read to her and the song I would sing, and because I loved Puff.

I have a limited number of quilts FOR SALE, and new ones in progress.  I also design and sew commissioned quilts.  If you have a photograph, theme, color pallet, size, your own fabrics, etc. in mind, please contact me to see if we can work together.

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