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Comments from Cabin visitors:

I LOVE this place !!!

One more great night at the Cabin !

Nothing but good times here - I cherish the memories

This valley is magic!  A place for fun, for strengthening bonds and for re-balancing our lives.  Thank you for this wonderful place

Your place is absolutely beautiful....words cannot do it justice.  It's one of the most insirational places I have ever been - thank you

I'm a city person, always will be.  But coming to this cabin always leaves me with a peace that I do not find in the chaos of the city.

Another great trip and much needed mental rest.  Words cannot express the gratitude we have for sharing this amazing place

Thank you for sharing your beautiful sanctuary - it will be hard to go

Peace of mind comes with every piece of the Cabin

This place is like another world - I LOVE being here, there is no place like the cabin

Thank you, this place is wonderful and wild, and peaceful and I'm glad I got to experience it!

Wow... the cabin is awesome!  Thanks for the time here to "settle my soul".

Much love & happiness to whoever has the priviledge to spend time in your cabin!